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Process Capability

Strong knowledge base with R&D scientists, engineers and experienced management, makes anything of importance to our customers in sputtering technology possible.

Capabilities of our sputtering systems

  • DC magnetron sputtering , faster metal and dielectric deposition.
  • RF sputtering to sputter dielectrics and magnetic materials. RF bias for sputter etching and deposition with bias.
  • Reduced particle counts
  • Up to 6 different materials without vacuum breaks.
  • PVD sputtering for substrates 25mm-450mm.

Low temp deposition

  • The wafer table is actively cooled with sub-zero coolant
  • Thick film depositions increase the table temp to ~125C with house water cooling.
  • Using a special chiller with water inlet temp of 2-4 ºC the temperature of the wafer will be down to 80C.

Class 100 Clean Room

  • Hionix is located in a 45,000 sq. ft building.
  • Clean room area is 6000 sq. ft
  • Clean room has micro environments that exceeds class 100 specifications.
  • Wafer are loaded in FOUP, Cassette, wand depending upon the size and customer requirements.

Film uniformity:

  • The uniformity optimized with the magnetic field configuration
  • Uniformity can be fine-tuned based on customer requirements to 1 sigma <1%.
  • Target erosion had no perceivable effect on deposition uniformity and thickness


  • Standard production lead-time is less than a week for a majority of services.
  • R&D programs lead-times may be longer depending upon complexity.

Characteristics of D­Source Dynamic Magnetron Sputter Deposition:

  • High Deposition Rates 1 micron/min
  • RF bias for sputter etching and deposition with bias
  • Water Cooled table for controlled substrate temperature deposition below 40 °C
  • Batch processing
  • Almost any metallic target material can be sputtered without decomposition
  • Conductive materials can be deposited using a direct current (DC) power supply
  • Non­conductive materials can be sputtered by using radio frequency (RF)
  • Oxide coatings can be sputtered (reactive sputtering)
  • Excellent layer uniformity ~ Rs 5%
  • Better Film Property Control (grain size, stress, etc.)
  • Easy Target Change procedure
  • The uniformity optimized with the magnetic field configuration

Process control Parameters:

  • Process Pressure
  • Sputter voltage
  • Substrate Bias
  • Throw Distance
  • Substrate temperature
  • Particle Energy